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Platinum Funeral Coaches
Platinum Funeral Coaches
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Platinum Funeral Coach

Joe Kellerman, the CEO of Platinum, was just 14 years old in 1985 when he started washing and detailing hearses for his uncle Mike Kellerman. Our company is centered on one main principal, a principal Joe learned from his uncle - the value of family. Joe decided to carry on that same idea in his own business; the majority of our employees are family members, and the others we consider family.

At Platinum Funeral Coach, we do things differently. Not only do we care about quality - we deliver quality. We strive to build a product we are truly proud of, elegant and dependable equipment for those who use it. At Platinum Funeral Coach, we do things our way - the Kellerman way - where excellence is the goal and family is the inspiration.

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Some products are built by necessity. Others are built from abundance. Finally, there are products built with skill and a passion for perfection, tailored for one solemn purpose. Every Platinum car is built by hand, individually, specifically for you. There are no exceptions to the rule!